"When we got up on stage and got ready to play, everybody'd listen."

"If you missed Rock N Roll Band: The Music Of Boston last evening ... in Agoura, you'll be kicking yourself. Take for a minute you're a musician, your bandmates and you decide to tackle one of rock's most talented & tenacious artistry in the music and vocals of Boston. A long list of classic rock titles still in play all over the world. These guys don't just play this music, they virtually replicate it, almost to album quality, taking careful consideration to the authenticity of Tom Scholz and company. Brad Delp's vocals are amongst one of the most distinguishable voices in music, Kyle Frost pays homage to Delp's memory by delivering the product as Delp did. Then you have the articulate efforts of an outstanding group of musicians who make sure that if you close your eyes ? You're taken back to a time when the music simply made you sing aloud with a smile on your face..... These guys KILLED It last night...."

"These guys absolutely crushed it on Friday night at Agoura Hills Canyon Club. The vocals and harmony and musicianship were beyond my expectations. Most tribute bands are adequate but don't measure up to what we remember hearing originally on the album. These guys were fantastic and I will probably drive an hour to see them again in July."

"WOW thats as close to the real thing as i've ever heard-you guys are AMAZING and thank you for keeping that awesome bands music alive"

"This is a top-notch band. If I did not know it I would have thought I was seeing the original Boston band."

"Won't be around much longer... I think Tom Sholtz will be contacting Mr. Frost to have him join the real Boston."