" I looked out this morning, and the sun was gone"

And with that simple, delicate, opening phrase, one of the most beloved rock albums of all time begins.
And so does the story of the band Boston and its leader, Tom Scholz

"We were just another band out of Boston"

Not really true...but another great opening line. While they of course became a band, the majority of the music was written and recorded by Tom Scholz and Brad Delp in Scholz' basement studio in Massachusetts. Using many of his own special devices and techniques, they proceeded to create a sound unlike any that came before. Unique, modern guitar sounds, soaring vocals, and outstanding songwriting were all instrumental in the biggest selling debut album at that time.

Fast forward a few years and here we are in 2021.

The legacy of Boston is firmly entrenched in the public consciousness. The music is still being discovered by a new generation of fans.

Enter, Rock N Roll Band.

A tribute to the music of Boston is not easily accomplished. Not if you want to do it justice.
What you need are talented, dedicated, professional musicians who love the music, and pay attention to details, of which there are many. Close enough doesn't cut it. The goal is not to pass off some half baked version because, "no one knows the difference". That's not possible with Boston's music.
The goal of Rock N Roll Band is to be good enough to play for the man himself, and the legion of fans who expect nothing less than top notch sound and performance.
Rock N Roll Band was formed with all this in mind: the music, the show, the legacy, and the respect for Tom Scholz, Brad Delp and the many fine musicians who have graced the stage to support them.

"When we got up on stage and got ready to play, everybody'd listen."